Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pumping Mommy

4 months have gone so fast. After my uber long maternity leave, I am now back to reality - the corporate world. I’ve always wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom; but since in reality, our expenses have bumped up so much, I can’t afford to leave my job yet. And as a breastfeeding mom, I ought to continue saving milk stash for her. I’ve been exclusively pumping every 3 hours per day and able to bring 4 bottles to Milly from work. J I also feel thankful of my supportive friends, because they really do not mind me every time I pump at my desk. HR actually allowed me to have my lactation break, but since pumping each of my breasts would take almost 30minutes, I opted to pump here at my station instead.
At office, I use medela swing and while at home I use my double electric Spectra dew 300. J Here are some pros and cons for each pump (based on my experience)

Very comfortable and looks very durable
Extremely quiet
Have a very good suction; there’s a knob that you can adjust to control the suction
Easy to clean
Closed system
Easy to use

Not portable. The motor is too big.
No option for batteries

Medela Swing
Has a 2 phase technology
Good suction
Easy to use

Open system
Spareparts are quite expensive

More parts to clean as compared to spectra 

Let me share you the milk stash I've saved for Milly ♥ 

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