Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ninja mommy

Kudos to all breastfeeding moms out there, most especially to working moms who want to give the best nutrition to their child! ♥ I am a proud full-time working mom on a BPO company (hello night shift), and I always make sure to pump on the dot so I get to save and bring home breast milk for my little one.

A lot of mommies have asked tips from me how I am able to maintain and increase my milk supply. I am one of the lucky mommies out there who has a very good milk supply, and is able to build a lot of milk stash. The milk I am able to pump every day is more than enough than what my baby can consume in a day. ♥ To be honest, I am no longer taking supplements right now (but I used to take natalac when I was 7 months pregnant until I gave birth - 3 week Post partum). I just make sure that I  pump 2-3 hours every day; 10 to 15 minutes per breast. Using an electric pump also helped boost my milk supply. I also drink lots of water before and after pumping; and I make sure to eat rolled oats every day. Instant oatmeal also worked for me.

One thing I've noticed as well is whenever I carry my daughter, my breasts start to leak. Perhaps its the "bonding effect" that triggers my breast to produce milk. I feel lucky because my officemates are supportive with my breastfeeding journey, and they do not mind me whenever I pump at my station.

Just wanted to share my 2nd output for tonight's shift. ♥  I feel like a ninja everytime I pump, because I need to be discreet as I can be. Thank you to Medela swing, because the pump is quiet. Hopefully one of these days, I can already buy a handsfree bra so I can pump and work freely! 

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  1. So proud of you! I'm from BPO too though I am on a morning shift. I am still breastfeeding my other twin but nit exclusively.

    -- nhengswonderland.blogspot.com


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