Friday, October 10, 2014

Tiny Tots hands free bra

As an exclusively pumping mom, it's a must for me to be convenient when saving milk for my baby. Both of my pumps are double electric and I couldn't make use of it because I can only hold one bottle at a time. I am also having a difficult time lately since every time I pump, my daughter would make lambing and cry; so I am left with no choice but to play with her and stop pumping. (as in nakakawala ng momentum)

I've been eyeing to get a hands free bra already from babymama (costs 1,800), but since it's still out of stock I am left with no choice but to hold the bottle during my pumping sesh. It's also a challenge for me because I pump here at my work station and there are times that I use the keyboard while I pump. Good thing a friend of mine recommended Tiny Tots as she sells more affordable and nice quality hands free bra. I was quite hesitant to order because I wasn't sure what size to get and I'm quite afraid that it couldn't hold the bottle when pumping. Good thing the size I got was just right for me and it fits me really well. The handsfree bra is able to hold the bottle and the material looks really matibay. Now, my pumping session is more convenient than ever. Thanks to Tiny Tots for making my pumping sesh much easier & and for producing affordable nursing wears for mommies.

Got my eazzy pumping hands free bra for only 509 pesos (shipping fee already included). 

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