Sunday, November 4, 2012

Loving my short fingernails

Cherry Blossom :D kuno. haha
Happy November! ;)

I've been into nail polish lately - as in i enjoy every minute changing the colors of my nails. I find myself smiling whenever I play and mix the colors. I didn't know that painting nails is such a great stress reliever!

Designs are an added factor too, but since I am still not that good with "dotting" and "designing" my nails, most of the art I've painted are quite not noticeable. Hehe

Thank you to youtube as I was able to find a couple of tutorial focusing on short nails; while most of the tutorials are for long nails, i tried applying them on my nails too. Surprisingly, the outcome was beautiful and I can already call it an art; (except that I wasted too much cotton balls and a bottle of acetone) hehe

See, practice makes it look even better. The picture of my nails that I posted on instagram earned 300 plus likers! Now that gives me enough reason to add nail art as a part of my hobby and past time too! ❤

Pink Plaid Nails

Watermelon or strawberry? :)

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